What We Use for Perfect Sound

ARK Studios offer clients an endless choice of great recording studio equipment

To get a more comprehensive idea of the gear found in ARK Studios, please see below for our full recording studio equipment list.

Whether you’re looking for a specific vintage ribbon mic or a rare 70’s compressor, we hope this list gives you some clarification. If you like what you see, please get in touch to book studio time with ARK Studios.


  • Neumann U87
  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Shure SMB7
  • Shure SM5B

Preamps / Channel Strips

  • Universal Audio Twin MKII
  • Universal Audio x8
  • Avalon 737sp
  • Alesis Midi Reverb 4
  • Berhinger 2 Band EQ


  • Adam Audio A7X (2)
  • Adam Audio S2A (2)
  • Yamaha H7S (2)
  • JBL SR310S (2)
  • JBL 306P MKII (2) Studio B

Daw / Digital interface

  • Imac 27′ I7
  • Apollo 8x
  • Logic Pro X, Cubase 8, Protools 10
  • Native Instruments Kontakt Komplete Ultimate
  • Softube Console 1
  • Softube All plugins
  • Soundtoys All plugins and numerous other plugins

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